Frequently Asked questions

General Questions

  • What signs indicate my computer needs repair?
    • Slow performance, frequent crashes or freezes, strange noises, overheating, error messages, software or hardware malfunctions, and power issues are common signs.
  • Should I repair or replace my computer?
    • If the issue is minor or your computer is relatively new, repair is often the best option. For older computers with multiple problems, consider the cost of repair versus replacement.
  • What’s the typical cost of computer repair?
    • Repair costs vary based on the issue, and parts needed, we provide free quotes.
  • How long will the repair take?
    • Simple fixes might be done while you wait on the same day, More complex repairs could take several days or weeks, especially if parts need to be ordered. We’ll provide an estimated timeline.

Data Safety & Preparation

  • Will my data be safe during repair?
    • We prioritize data safety, but always back up your important files before bringing in your computer. Let us know if you have sensitive data, and we’ll discuss options.
  • What should I do before bringing in my computer?
    • Note any error messages or unusual behaviour.
    • Consider removing personal information (passwords or set a temp one).

After the Repair

  • What if the problem comes back?
    • Contact us immediately. Our repair services include a warranty on our work.
  • How do I prevent future problems?
    • Keep software updated, use antivirus protection, browse safely, avoid suspicious downloads, clean your computer regularly, and use surge protectors.

Specific Repair Services

  • Do you repair MacBooks?
    • No, we currently specialize in Windows computers.
  • Do you repair phones?
    • No, we currently don’t fix phones
  • Do you fix HDMI ports on game consoles?
    • Yes! Costs are typically £40- £60 depending on the console.
  • Do you repair game controllers?
    • Yes, we repair official Xbox, PlayStation, and Nintendo Switch Joy-Cons. Common repairs like drift fixes start at £15.00/£25.00
  • Do you replace laptop batteries?
    • Yes! Prices usually start from £60 and vary by model.
  • Do you fix all types of game consoles?
    • Yes, we repair a wide range of consoles. Bring yours in; no cables or controllers are needed.
  • Do I need to bring my laptop charger?
    • Usually no, but we may request it for specific models like gaming laptops.

Data Recovery

  • Can you recover data from a dead laptop?
    • In most cases, yes. Our standard recovery costs £50, with more complex cases potentially costing up to £100.
  • Can you get data from a broken hard drive?
    • Sometimes. For severe hard drive damage, we may recommend a specialist data recovery service.
  • Can you repair liquid damage?
    • Yes, we specialize in liquid damage repair. Please note that success rates vary due to the extent of the damage.

Let us know if you have any other questions!

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