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How to Safely Package and Ship Your Item to DEANS Computer Repairs

We want to ensure your item arrives safely for repair. Please follow these simple guidelines:

Materials You’ll Need:

  • Sturdy cardboard box (slightly larger than your device)
  • Bubble wrap or other cushioning material
  • Packing tape
  • Marker or printed label
  • A note with your order details and problem description


  1. Prepare the Item:

    • Remove any unnecessary accessories, cables, or detachable parts. Package these separately only if they are relevant to the repair.
    • Clean the item carefully to remove dust or debris.
  2. Protect the Item: Wrap your device generously in bubble wrap or similar cushioning material.

  3. Fill the Box: Place the wrapped item in the center of the box. Fill empty spaces with additional cushioning materials to prevent shifting during transit.

  4. Include Information: Place a note inside the box with:

    • Your order number (if you have one)
    • Your full name and return address
    • Daytime phone number and email address
    • A clear description of the issue you’re experiencing with the item.
  5. Seal and Label: Close the box securely with packing tape. Attach a shipping label clearly marked with the following:

    DEANS Computer Repairs 168 Hall Street Offerton Stockport SK14 JG

  6. Shipping:

    • We recommend using Royal Mail for shipping. You can easily purchase a label online via: ROYALMAIL link
    • You can arrange return postage yourself, or we can arrange it for you for £15.00.

We’ll contact you once we receive your item to begin the repair process!

Please Note: DEANS Computer Repairs is not responsible for any damage incurred during shipping. Proper packaging is essential to protect your device.

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