Game Controller Repairs

Are you facing issues with your game controllers? Look no further! Our professional repair services cater to a variety of problems, with a special focus on addressing the common thumbstick drift that plagues many gaming enthusiasts. Our skilled technicians can breathe new life into your PlayStation 5 and Xbox game controllers, ensuring a seamless gaming experience.

Service Overview:

  • Common Issue: Thumbstick Drift
    • Cost: £25
    • We specialize in fixing thumbstick drift, a prevalent problem among gamers. Our repair service guarantees a smooth and precise gaming experience, restoring your controllers to their optimal functionality.
    • 6 month warranty is included.
ps4 controller repair

Controller Compatibility:

  • PlayStation 4/5 and Xbox Controllers
    • We proudly offer repairs for PlayStation 5 and Xbox game controllers. Regrettably, we do not provide services for PlayStation 3 controllers but fully support PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 controllers.
  • Elite Xbox Controllers
    • We are equipped to handle repairs for Xbox Elite controllers. Prices start at £40, varying based on the specific fault. Our commitment to quality extends to a no fix, no-fee policy, ensuring you only pay for successful repairs.
Elite V2 repairs

Repair Price List:

  • Thumbstick Drift (All Controllers)
    • £25
  • PlayStation 5 and Xbox Controller Repairs
    • Prices may vary based on the specific fault. Please contact us for an accurate quote.
ps5 controller repair

Important Information:

  • No post-repair
    • Please note that we only accept local walk-ins for controller repairs. Unfortunately, we do not offer postal services at this time.
  • No Custom Controller Repairs
    • While we excel at repairing standard controllers, we do not undertake repairs for custom controllers.

Why Choose Us:

  • Expertise and Experience
    • Benefit from our skilled technician with extensive experience in repairing game controllers.
  • Transparent Pricing
    • Our pricing is straightforward, with no hidden fees. Rest assured, you’ll only pay for the services you need.
  • Local Convenience
    • Drop by our location for a quick and efficient repair.

Revitalize your gaming gear today! Trust us to deliver top-notch repairs for your PlayStation 5, Xbox, and Elite controllers. Contact us or visit our shop for expert assistance.

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